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CIMB Niaga Call Center to Apply for Credit Card

The CIMB Niaga Call Center is the best feature and service that customers can take advantage of when they find problems with transactions through CIMB banks.For those of you who have used this private banking service, of course, you can be sure you are satisfied with a variety of transactions.

Historically, this commercial bank was first established onSeptember 26, 1955. At the start of its founding, the Bank Niaga bank was used until 2018, the bank name had changed as we had always known.

From year to year, it is undeniable that CIMB banks have experienced various journeys, successes, and strategic actions. By 1987, this private bank had stood out from its rivals, becoming the first bank to offer banking services with ATMs.

In addition to the SERVICES in the form of ATMs, other services provided by CIMB Banks also have high technology.   All these privileges continue from year to year by continuing to introduce a variety of other banking services online.

Best products from Niaga Bank

To date, Niagara Bank has indeed released a lot of banking services products. For those of you who are curious and interested in presenting these products, then you can now try to get all this information through the CIMB Niaga call center .

One of the products you can find from this private bank is on a credit card. CIMB Bank’s credit card products are really very famous because they offer various facilities and convenience of transactions for their customers.In addition, this one product also offers a variety of attractive protocols.

For those of you interested, some credit card information products plus annual fees from  the CIMB Niaga Call Center  include berikut. For the first time it is on the CIMB Niaga Air Asia BIG card with the first annual fee at Rp. 350,000 and next year Rp. 150,000,-

Then the type of CIMB Niaga Visa Platinum card with an element of Rp. 600,000 in the first year and the Rp. 300,000 rate the following year. Third, the CIMB Niaga Mastercard Platinum card with a rate of 0 rupiah in the first year, and a fee of Rp. 300,000 the following year.

Four Visa Gold commercial cards with fees at the beginning of Rp. 250,000 and the following year of Rp. 150,000,-. For the latest, the CIMB Niaga Mastercard Gold card with a rate of 0 rupiah and Rp. 150,000 at the next year’s rate.

CIMB Niaga Call Center Services

All the services provided by the call center are very good,   this is precisely because Niaga Bank  is really committed to protecting the personal information of each customer.All the information entered during the delivery process is protected using various encryption technologies.In addition, the latest security applications also include each service.

While all the facilities and services at the CIMB Niaga Call Center  actually focus on customer personal information, don’t forget to apply some tips to maintain the security of personal information.Some of the tips you can apply include the following.

First, don’t be careful to provide personal information; don’t provide information such as passwords, ID numbers, selfie photos, NPWP numbers, etc. keep otp passwords confidential; don’t give the SMS password or email to either side of your own behalf.

Through the media, it has never been collected personally through the comment  line.Beware of the increase in media accounts palsu. Checking the first social med accounts you access are fully verified like the CIMB Niaga call center.

Use existing official protocols in the Play Store, also beware of some suspicious connections that can steal all customer data. For the end, you can keep the security of your personal information by updating the password you have regularly.

Niaga Credit Facility Bank

After mentioned above, it explained somep roduk about CIMB credit cards, so facilities and benefits when using the card?. Again,  through the CIMB Niaga call center service, you will get all this information quickly and completely.

Some of the advantages of the facilities and advantages in question are as follows. The first is the free cost of its annual cost. You can get this free fee from a credit card with Visa and Wave n Go logos.On a card with the Visa logo, you will be exempt for the first 2 years.

The next benefit comes from a fixed installation site. With this benefit, you can turn your transaction into an installation with an installperiod of 3, 6, up to 12 months over the Internet or mobile banking. Then there are the advantages in the form of extra points and quick pay.

Want to know more about the advantages of additional points and pay quickly, then you can try to find the information through the CIMB Niaga Call Center service.Moreover, there are also the advantages of cash withdrawal transactions.The superior products of the card have a cash withdrawal location through an ATM.

The latest part, these benefits come from OTOPAY. Through this center, you can complete automatic credit card payments from a savings account at Commerce International Merchant Bankers.Of course, you can freely set the amount of deposits every month (min 10%).

Niaga Bank credit card application

By becoming a credit card customer of CIMB bank, there will undoubtedly be many benefits gained because the product continues to offer a range of attractive protocols, such as entertainment, shopping transactions, travel transactions and many more. For more details, you can check through the Niaga call center.

For those of you who want to apply for a credit card, then here are some of the requirements required when applying for an online credit card.  For the minimumage nyes, the requirements required by prospective credit card holders are 21 years old; for the maximum is at the age of 65.

For additional card holders, the minimum age requirement required is 17. As for the final requirement, prospective customers will be allowed from the citizenship of Indonesian citizens or foreigners. From income requirements, ciMB credit card applications can start from rp. 4,000,000 to Rp. 7,500,000 according to credit card classes.

There is no need to be confused, the cimb credit card application process is very simple; in addition to the fact that all the above requirementsare common, the documents that need are actually easy to complete. the required documents such as a copy of the id card, the payment card, the copy of the savings account, the NPWP, the professional license, and the act of the establishment.

After receiving different information about the credit card location and  the above services, the more interested  you are to start applying for karu terse b ut. If you are ultimately interested, then you can try to contact the CIMB Niaga call center or come directly to the bank.

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